Episode 12 – Breeding Basics & Reproductive Physiology

It’s that time of year when I’m just waiting to wake up to the sounds of hormonal does screaming outside my window.

In this episode, I talk about basics of the goat estrus cycle, timing and breeding, and quite a bit about the hormones and physiology that’s going on with the whole thing.  And I get on a soap box for a minute to talk about thinking about why we do all this breeding goats stuff in the first place.

Goat Talk

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Show Notes:

I talked a couple of times in the podcast about this graph that shows what the different hormones are doing over time- here are a couple of examples, and sources they came from with even more info.

chart 1



Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 17.36.08



There are lots of great links online to really good information about goat reproductive physiology.  I’m a total nerd and really like this stuff:

UAK Cooperative Extension – Introduction to Goat Reproduction

Reproductive Management of Meat Goat Operations – This is narrated by a robot, so that’s kind of funny, but some useful info!

American Institute for Goat Research – Goat Reproductive Biology – a couple of good photos of reproductive tracts here.

Reproductive Biology Goat Reproductive Physiology


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